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1 someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications [syn: examiner, quizzer]
2 a flat canopy (especially one over a four-poster bed)

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  1. A person who administers a test, or a device used for testing.
  2. A flat canopy over a bed etc.
  3. 25 lashes, ie. strokes of a whip across a person's back as a punishment. (Reference: Robert Hughes, The Fatal Shore, 1987, paperback 1996 ISBN 1-86046-150-6, chapter 12.)
  4. A sample of perfume available in a shop for customers to try before they buy.


The punishment:


Etymology 1


  1. to test

Etymology 2

From testari.


  1. ...

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Test, TEST or Tester may refer to:

People with the surname Tester

surname Tester
  • Jon Tester, Democratic Junior Senator from Montana, USA
  • Ralph Tester, head of a section at British codebreaking station Bletchley Park

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